Order: A written order is required before any work will commence.

Payment Terms: Where payment credit terms are indicated these are strictly 30 days from the date of invoice.

Deposit: Where parts or installation is custom made or built specifically for a client a 40% deposit is required.

Delivery: Provides typically delivery timescale however this will be confirmed by our engineering department. To be confirmed.

Interim payment: Interim payments for works in progress every 10 working days, up to a minimum balance of 10%, which may be held by the contractor until satisfactory handover of our systems. All and any remaining final balances of any outstanding payment must be received no later than 45 days from handover of our systems.

VAT: The above costs do not include VAT and should be added at today applicable rate.

Quotation: Quotations are valid for 60 days only unless written in quotation.

Warranty: All new equipment/parts carries a 12-month guarantee direct from manufacturer unless stated otherwise, but subject to misuse and third party damage terms and conditions, unless otherwise stated in writing. All doors must be serviced after six months of installation otherwise this warranty may become void. The service work must be carried out by ourselves to avoid voiding your warranty.


The provided cost is based upon our visual site survey. No dismantling or internal electro-mechanical investigation has been carried out unless expressly noted in writing above. Therefore should, upon commencement of repair/service works, our engineer discover additional items we will notify your immediately prior to continuing.

Our quotation costs do not include any call out or repair costs following a previous visit to site unless otherwise stated in our quotation. The call out visits will be charged additionally at your standard rates and are to be invoiced separately.

Our quotation is based on Monday to Friday (8am-5pm) working inclusive of travel. If the aforementioned project were to be carried out outside of our normal working hours or on a bank holiday then our price would need to be revised.

Our quotations are subject to a site survey, or working drawings (where applicable). We have the right to alter our price or specification accordingly to any changes necessary. All works quoted are based upon step ladder or footed ladder access. Our tender does not include for the provision of any scaffold, hoisting, power supply, storage facilities, fork lift trucks, personnel platforms, water and the usual services which will be necessary to carry out the tendered works safely. These are to be provided free of charge by main contractor. If we are required to provide any of these services ourselves then these will be noted in our quotation or will be invoiced for as an extra to you. Due to health and safety regulations our quoted price is based upon a clear and traffic free work area at all times, including contractors. If this is not possible then out of hours working will have to be negotiated, our engineers are instructed only to work in areas as described and may leave site if this is not the case. In the event that such site circumstances prevent our engineers from efficiently carrying out our works, or should our engineers have to return to site due to lack of electrical supply, unavailability of arranged third party contractors or for handover at end of project or other such circumstances beyond our control then additional costs may be incurred at hourly rate prevailing at time of works. Delay time and additional visits will be chargeable at £65 per hour per man including travel time. It is the responsibility of the client to make sure the opening is structurally sound and fully prepared, prior to our installation. We reserve the right to invoice for additional materials or time on site required to prepare openings to a reasonable standard. It is also the responsibility of the client to make us aware, by means of sketches or plans, of the position of any drainage, water or gas pipes or any electrical cabling which may be in the area that we will be working. We shall have no liability for any direct/indirect or consequential losses or expenses suffered by the Customer should any of these be damaged by us if we have not been informed of their position.

The costs include wiring to either a female 3phase 5pin red socket or a 13amp fused spur or isolator, as necessary, within 1 metre of each opening. The fused spurs and isolators are to be provided free of charge to us by you. However we can provide an additional quotation for this work if requested to. N.B. Electrical supply must be available and ready at time of installation. If a return visit is required to wire in and commission the components, due to the electrical supply being incomplete, this will be invoiced to yourselves at an extra cost. We will not wire into our units, any fire alarm cables, we will however, if requested leave a pair of normally open, voltage free contacts for your fire alarm company to connect to. To allow the for automatic releasing of the doors specified in the event of a fire alarm a normally open voltage free pair of contacts is required. These are to be located adjacent to the door location and installed by others (preferably your contracted fire alarm company) prior to commencement of our works. Costs for this are not included with this quotation. The Fire Alarm Company must test their supply prior to connection, as it could cause damage to the microprocessor or other equipment. Any builders work, weather sealing, flashing or re-decoration which may be necessary after installation of the goods stated above shall be the responsibility of yourselves unless a separate quotation is requested. Although the utmost care is taken whilst carrying out our works, due to the age and condition of the door surroundings we will not be held responsible for any repair or re-decoration. All making good and decoration following this work should be carried out by others and is not included within our scope of works and costs unless noted separately in our quotation. When carrying out works to sprung loaded doors i.e re-tensioning of springs, we cannot guarantee the condition of these components due to their limited life cycle and existing age/usage. Further works may be required and charged for as an extra if the springs fail however no further work will be carried out without written authorisation. All roller shutter doors supplied and installed by SDG Access Ltd will, as required by new legislation and our company policy, include a safety bearing brake. You may be liable for prosecution if you have a roller shutter door installed without a safety bearing brake. All roller shutters, sectional, fast action, steel set exit and personnel doors and aluminium swing doors that are supplied and installed by SDG Access Ltd are fully C.E certified. The goods shall be at the customer's risk from the time at which delivery had taken place. Any subsequent losses will be charged to the customer. Safe dry storage for the goods must be provided. SDG Access does not accept any retention of monies on any installation or supply only contract unless expressly agreed and documented in writing prior to order being accepted. Our costs already include for 2.5%MCD. The title of goods provided as part of these works or this order remains with SDG Access Limited and does not pass to any other party until such time as all monies owed are received within the agreed terms of payment. Any failure to make full payment will result in reclamation of equipment supplied to the value of any balance of payment due from site in lieu of such payments not made. In the event of bankruptcy, winding up or any other such change in legal status of the ordered. We reserve the right to enter the relevant property to which the products or services have been provided to and remove equipment installed. In the event our services are provided to form part of works being provided to another 3 rd party by the you the purchaser detailed above, then you must advise the receiver of such services that title of the goods and services is not transferred to you, and therefore in turn to them until all monies are paid in full to Us.

Maintenance, takeover and service costs provided assume that the existing system is fully functional and compliant with the latest standards. If during takeover and or service maintenance it is considered that the system fails to meet these minimum requirements or should any faults or additional works to bring the system to a working standard were required we will advise you immediately prior to any further works being carried out. Where equipment Guarantees are provided these are subject to our system maintenance contract remaining in place through the said period of Guarantee and subject to the system being serviced at regular intervals under such agreement.

Please Note: In accordance with the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 1992, it is a requirement that the end user (you the customer) of ALL industrial doors shall establish a fully documented maintenance regime in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Automated doors must be serviced and reported on as a minimum of bi-annually to comply with BS7036 or BS EN16005 regulations and door manufacturers recommendations. Failure to do so may result in prosecution in the event of an accident. To allow the continual smooth and safe running of our systems all maintenance schedules are for a minimum period of 36 months unless stated otherwise in this document, following the initially indicated period of time the maintenance agreement shall continue to remain in force annually on each anniversary until such time as the you the client provide written notice o f termination a minimum of 90 days prior to each anniversary. We will be able to offer a discounted price if all doors on site are added to a service agreement.